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We didn’t start out planning to create the best team and process to guarantee media projects would change the world.

In fact, Podium Society Founder Brett Rapkin spent his formative years on shoots and in editing rooms, producing documentaries for major clients like the NFL and ESPN. He even won some Emmys along the way.

Brett thought he had hit the big time when he wrote, produced and directed a Hollywood feature film starring  A-listers like Josh Duhamel and Sterling K. Brown. His next movie script, a biographical basketball movie, was optioned to be produced by NBA Hall of Famer Steve Nash.

But life threw him a curveball when a routine eye check revealed he had keratoconus, a rare degenerative corneal condition.

Brett Rapkin, winning filmmaker, Founder, Podium Society receiving Emmy Award.
Picture of Brett Rapkin, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Founder, Podium Society

“As someone who has had numerous close family members and friends take their own lives, mental health is highly personal to me.  It’s time to eliminate the stigma forever.”

Brett Rapkin, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Founder, Podium Society

In the midst of this turmoil, Brett stumbled upon the story of Steven Holcomb, a fellow keratoconus sufferer who also happened to be Team USA’s Bobsled Captain. In an incredible turn of events, Steven had attempted suicide before winning a gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Brett recognized the power of Steven’s story and embarked on producing a short film following the Olympian’s journey towards the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

But two weeks after interviewing Steven in Los Angeles, the burly bobsledder died from an overdose in his room at the Olympic Training Center. Brett made a promise to Steven’s mother, Jean that he would find a way to make sure her son’s final interview was seen and that it would help people who were also struggling.

Despite facing pushback from Olympic sponsors and broadcasters, Brett was determined to share Steven's story. Urged by American history documentary legend Ken Burns to explore working with family foundations, Brett created Podium Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

"The Weight of Gold," ultimately produced in partnership with Olympic legend Michael Phelps, made a tremendous impact. Released in July 2020 on HBO Sports, at a time when COVID-19 was too acute to even hold the Olympic games, the film reached billions with its message of “It’s OK not to be OK.”As the film gained traction, even earning an Emmy Nomination, Brett discovered a newfound purpose that was far more rewarding than pursuing a traditional Hollywood career.


At Podium Society, we know that the world’s greatest changemakers are committed to transforming the world for the better.

Several critical issues like mental health, climate, and gender inequity threaten not only our societal fabric but our very existence.

As a parent of two young children who has lost numerous family members and friends to suicide — these issues are personal to me.

Creating change requires moving not only minds but also hearts. It requires building community, changing behaviors, changing structures, and changing narratives.

Stephen Holcomb, Captain of USA Bobsled
Steven Holcomb, Captain of USA Bobsled (1980-2017)
Brett Rapkin, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Founder, Podium Society talking about Podium Society in a Interview


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